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Mar 6, 2012

JFace TableViewer Row Numbering

Here a small class that can be used as a column label provider to show the row number in a JFace TableViewer. Works only for TableViewers.
import java.util.Arrays;

import org.eclipse.jface.viewers.CellLabelProvider;
import org.eclipse.jface.viewers.ColumnViewer;
import org.eclipse.jface.viewers.TableViewer;
import org.eclipse.jface.viewers.ViewerCell;
import org.eclipse.jface.viewers.ViewerColumn;

public class RowNumberLabelProvider extends CellLabelProvider {

  private TableViewer viewer;

  protected void initialize(ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerColumn column) {
    super.initialize(viewer, column);
    this.viewer = null;
    if (viewer instanceof TableViewer) {
      this.viewer = (TableViewer) viewer;

  public void update(ViewerCell cell) {
    if (viewer != null) {
      int index = Arrays.asList(viewer.getTable().getItems()).indexOf(cell.getItem());
      cell.setText("" + (index + 1));
To use it, simply create a column and set it's label provider to an instance of RowNumberLabelProvider
// given a TableViewer viewer

TableViewerColumn numberColumn = new TableViewerColumn(viewer, SWT.RIGHT);
numberColumn.setLabelProvider(new RowNumberLabelProvider());

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