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I "maintain" this blog in my spare time. In my professional life I work as a Researcher/software engineer for the Imprecise Probability Group at IDSIA.

If you find a mistake, have any questions or want to give some feedback, please feel free to contact me though the "Send David an email" link on my G+ profile, via Twitter (direct messages) or as a comment on some page. I will try to answer in a reasonable amount of time, but can't guarantee. You can write me in German, French, Italian or English, but I will answer in English.

If not otherwise specified, please feel free to use the example code you find in this blog. Code is AS IS, No warranty is given.

If not otherwise specified, resources (audio, images and videos) found in the blog are released under the Creative Commons Non commercial, Attribution license v3.0. For commercial use please contact me.

More pictures can be found also in the albums of my G+ profile.

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