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Feb 26, 2013

SVG Filter Tests

Applying SVG filters to various things


Apply filter to WebRTC Webcam capture. Webcam code was taken from Mozilla.

Or on a normal video (source wikipedia;


To test the canvas I will reuse my Image Compositing post "plasma" like animation.


Youtube can work using flash or html5. Probably the HTML5 uses a video tag or a canvas (never actually checked that), but we are interested in the flash version. By default, if available, youtube uses flash (as of feb 2013). Click Here for the original Rhett & Link GMM video.


Mid february 2013 i tested Mac Firefox 19, Mac Chrome 25 and Windows Firefox 19
  • Chome shows some strange behaviour with animated stuff (e.g. convolution not applied)
  • Firefox SVG filters are quite slow (especially the erode and dilate)
  • Firefox SVG filters are not applied to flash videos on Windows. They are on a Mac 10.6

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